Company Overview

For more than 15 years, Davenport Consulting has led our nation in the largest school district transformations of our generation. They bring a combination of best practices methodologies to a passion for motivation and academic leadership that is unrivaled in the industry.

Davenport Consulting provides a system-wide approach for school improvement that focuses on the vital roles of critical elements—such as collaboration and empowerment, data-driven decision making, core beliefs and values, and leadership. These elements are embedded and demanded in the implementation of this intervention strategy. Davenport’s reform process is based on this integrated system comprised of Effective Schools Research, Total Quality Management principles and an eight-step continuous improvement model that employs data-driven decision making and collaboration between teachers to improve academic achievement in their schools.

The 8-Step Process is a fundamental tool that is very much unlike turn-around models that call for school closures and firing of existing staff. The process, with the right resources, school leaders and teachers, produces unique results and has led to Davenport’s success. The 8 steps include: Step 1: Data Disaggregation; Step 2: Instructional Calendar; Step 3: Instructional Focus; Step 4: Assessment; Steps 5 & 6: Tutorials and Enrichment; Step 7: Maintenance; and Step 8: Monitoring.

School teachers and administrators endure an intensive week-long training that exposes them to the 8-Step Process. They receive basic exposure to and practice with Effective Schools Research, the analyses of root causes for low student achievement, and team problem-solving strategies. Monthly site-based Process Checks are then conducted by Pat Davenport and her training staff to ensure proper practice and recommendations for improvement.

Davenport Consulting has had overall success with multilevel grade changes and measurable improvements in over 500 school districts across the country. If you would like to learn more, please email